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 Learning to swim 
sleeping puppy 

Congratulations to our Breeder Hopeful Whiskey Creek's Chasing Liberty!
Who handled by Heather Murlin Placed 2nd and Best of Opposite Sex at her very first dog show 7/22/12

Collie learning to pull open a door

Collie has pulled open a door
One of the many tasks we teach our dogs is to tug open doors of all sizes. 

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Dog NameBreed/SizeAgeService CategoryCurrent Level of TrainingBio/ HistoryMatched w/ PartnerAlumni
Dog NameBreed/SizeAgeService CategoryCurrent Level of TrainingBio/ HistoryMatched w/ PartnerAlumni
Aden Australian Shepherd  2.5 years ESA Intermediate Obediance- Middle School This handsome guy was a total love with bundles of energy. He was afraid of shiny floors. He found a great family who run with him daily and he still gets to go to work because his new mom's office allows it   
Arcana AusssieDoodle 2 years ESA Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Sweet Sassy and Opinionated. Arcana has found a lovely home in Sunny CA   
Belinda  Golden Retriever / Large Breed  16mo. Cross Train Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Belinda is a zippy little girl who loves to play with the big dogs. But as soon as you talk to you her, she focuses on you and only you.    
Bernard Aussiedoodle  12/2012 Medical Response  Puppy Kindergartner    
Carlos Lab/Staffie mix  Hearing Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Brought on board from the St. Helens Humane Society, a happy strapping young lad, he is a joy to have in the program   
Cassy  Saint Bernard / Giant Breed 10/18/2012 Siezure Responce  Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Cassy is a very sweet and humorous pup. She is showing amazing promise.    
Cathrine the Great ... Dane  Great Dane / Giant Breed  02/2012 Mobility  Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Cathrine is a black and white girl with a big personality. She needs a puppy raiser   
Chip  Lab Golden mix / Large Breed  03/08/2012 Mobility  Canine Good Citizen Chip is the sweetest little boy. He is very easy to train and needs a puppy raser.    
Cian Irish Setter / Large Breed 03/09/2012 Medical Alert / Responce  Canine Good Citizen Cian is a beautiful sweet boy.    
Contessa (Tessa) Collie / Medium Breed 10/22/2011 Cross Train Public Access- High School A very dainty girl, Tessa is a ball of fun and fluff. She is very quick learner and has taken to her puppy raiser and new partner so well.   
Credence  Irish Setter / Large Breed  03/09/2012 Medical Alert / Responce  Canine Good Citizen Credence is a sweet and melo boy.   
Dakota Australian Labradoodle 12/28/2012 Medical Alert Dog Puppy Kindergartner    
Dolly Goldendoodle 07/31/2012 Medical Response  Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Sweet girl. Potty trained already! Opinionated and yet so cuddly   
Liberty (Miss Libby) Golden Retriever / Large Breed  02/23/2012 Breeder  Intermediate Obediance- Middle School Miss Libby is a beautiful light golden girl from Whiskey Creek Goldens. She has quite the personality. She will remain unaltered to show and breed when she is old enough.    
Mack Goldendoodle / Large Breed 9 months Balance / Mobility  Canine Good Citizen Mack is a clever boy who likes to train.    
Oso Golden retriever  12/22/2012 Guide Canine Good Citizen Oso is a pretty little boy, eager and loving. He is going to a young woman in graduate school.   
Pheonix  Golden Retriever / Large Breeder  2/22/2012 Mobility / Medical Alert  Canine Good Citizen Phoenix is a big girl with an easy going disposition.    
Showing 17 items