Dog Care Tips

Here are some basic tasks for everyone to remember when caring for your dog.  These are not everything, breed or age specific.  The amounts of time, food or medications vary from dog to dog, consult with your trainer or vet!
A black lab in a green and yellow OAD vest smiles at the caera while a person's hand rests on his back
Do not forget to make time for play, rest and training.
New puppies need to be crate trained, here is a good introductory video.

Daily Tasks  
1.  Two or three times a day feed your dog kibble.  
2.  At least four times a day take your dog out on leash to relieve herself.  Say “better go now” Dogs will need to eliminate shortly after meals. Puppies may need to go out every 10 minutes when not in crate and can go longer as they develop muscle control. Crate training helps develop those muscles. Keep in mind exercise and stress cause a dog to need to eliminate.  
3.  If you brush your dog often she will shed less and smell less. Brushing a dog before working a dog will help get your dog in the mood to work.
4.  Make sure your dog has access to clean cool water.

5.  Brush your dog’s teeth daily, be gentle we want them to like this. Reward! It is more important that they like you handling their mouths than getting every tooth, if you got every tooth once a week that would be fine.
Weekly Tasks
6.  At least once a week clean her ears. Over the counter ear cleaner or vinegar/water 50/50. If your dogs ears have odor, clean for 3-5 days at least once a day until odor has been gone for several days and then weekly after that. Always clean ears after bathing or swimming.
If in doubt see a vet!
7.  Make sure you keep your dog’s nails and fur on her feet trimmed.
Monthly Tasks
8.  Bathe your dog once a month or as needed. (
A labredoodle with long curly hair laying down
more than that will dry her skin out) Doodles need additional groomin
. Do NOT use people shampoo. The PH balance in plain dish soap (such as Dawn) is closer if you run out of dog shampoo.  Remember to use it sparingly or you will have
eveywhere and will  be rinsing a long time! Human conditioner is fine (attempt to get scent free).
9.  Once a month, every month you MUST put flea control on your dog.  Just shampoo or organic sprays are not sufficient.  Advantage Multi is what we suggests it comes with heart worm preventive.  Apply 2 days after a bath for best effect. Create a routine for this. The 1st of every month etc.
10.  Once a month, every month you MUST give your dog Heart guard. Unless you give them Advantage Multi or another heart worm preventative. Please see your vet for a list of options.

Could your dog use some calming?  Please review the following link! It really works!
Relaxation Protocol

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