Pet Dog Training Classes

Available in St. Helens and Eugene starting May 1st.
Puppy Classes (ages 8-24 Weeks old) MUST HAVE CURRENT SHOTS!

Intermediate (Ages 24 Weeks and up with current shots including Rabies!) If you have not attended puppy classes arrangements need to be made with instructor for special attention. 

Advanced (Must have completed intermediate with current shots) 

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503-662-2DOG (364)

Puppy classes (6 sessions) $140
golden and black lab laying down

Let your puppy learn in a fun and uplifting environment while receiving critical socialization!

Basic skills such as bite inhibition, leash manners, puppy health and safety as well as sit, down, wait, here and leave it. 

Intermediate Classes (6 sessions) $140

Call or Advanced class pricing.

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